Adobe Experience Manager Tutorial

The era has changed, and so has the way of customer handling. Gone are the days when businesses sent the same content to every client. Now the time is for personalization. In this digital world, customers are more demanding than ever. They need everything according to their taste. Companies understand this and thus provide personalized … Read more

Cloud Bursting: What It Is and How to Use It

Cloud bursting is a term that you may have heard before, but what does it actually mean? In short, cloud bursting is the process of using cloud-based resources to supplement or replace on-premises resources. For example, if your company’s website is experiencing high traffic volumes, you can use a public cloud provider to temporarily increase … Read more

Web Jacking: A Comprehensive Guide

The term web jacking comes from the phrase “hi-jacking.” In these types of crimes, the hacker acquires access and takes control over an individuals website. He can alter the information on the website. It is one form of cybercrime. Web jacking is a sort of social engineering assault known as phishing, which is frequently used to … Read more